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Denpagay2424, 24, F Ghassy, 35, M Flower, 23, F Ryan 30, 30, M Blink, 23, F Ryan 30, 30, M Grace29, 30, F Bearnecessity, 58, M seoffie19, 23, F petepeterpete, 51, M Jovy lomigoy, 23, F Mark27, 19, M Zyra03, 18, F james793, 59, M Reychel21, 23, F BrianHeffner, 61, M SolienneGhiem23, 21, F Allanoxford, 48, M MichelleB, 19, F Yvess, 30, M Renalyn20, 20, F Ville, 34, M kkayekarla, 25, F Boris, 32, M Asiangirl341, 19, F Tony71, 49, M Agoodwoman22, 22, F Aubreysweetgange, 22, F Shane28, 28, F Charlie78, 22, M Grace29, 30, F Johan12, 44, M Andra06, 19, F Jhunie, 29, M joycolly143, 18, F stram, 55, M Rhenalyn, 38, F Babykate12, 19, F SexyRachel, 30, F Kang341, 23, F Shovie Arciaga, 28, F Jasmine06, 21, F Angelei nacilla22, 25, F Morningstar, 27, F shann124, 30, F shann124, 30, F 101993gen, 26, F Reychel21, 23, F Marie1996, 25, F Jenny Rapanut, 23, F
I only had one day in the site.. and he was my 1st chatmate there and now we both deleted our account since we already have each other.. i am really forever grateful to the one who made this site

Thank you for this site.. i already meet someone whom i want to spend the rest of my life.. he will be here next month

I have met many nice men on this site because they keep the bad people off here and they care about having a good place to meet someone and not scammers and fake. thank you hellopinay you are a good site

Some site features

  • A super simple registration process where we just need the minimum amount of information to create your profile.
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  • Create a profile by writing something about yourself and who you would like to meet.
  • Upload up to 30 profile photos.
  • Search for other users by selecting from several criteria to find your perfect match.
  • Send text, audio and picture messages to users.
  • Add users to your lists of Favorites and Show Interest in other members.
  • See users who are interested in you.
  • See all of the Visitors to your profile as well as all the profiles you have Visited.
  • Leave impressions and receive impressions on profile pictures (like, love, smiles).
  • Rate a user's profile and receive ratings on your profile from 1-5. (Verified members).
  • Group chat with other members within our Locales.
  • Receive notifications (optional) when others message, show interest and more, when you are offline.
  • Block any user that you don't want to contact you without creating a lot of drama.
    (Blocking doesn't cause anyones account to be disabled or removed and we don't go and investigate or have a robot make a decision about you or the member. It just simply prevents them from contacting you further.)
  • Report a user that you feel needs to be removed from our community.
    (We try hard to keep the bad people off of here but your help is appreciated.)
  • Disable your profile anytime you want to take a break. You can come back and enable your account anytime if you want to try again.
  • Delete your account anytime you want, and that's it. You are done. We won't contact you ever again with "We want you back" emails. It will be like you were never here.

And much more... Come give it a try!

Philippines Travel Dating

We are happy to introduce Travel Dating Features to our site!
Want to go? Find someone to go with you!

Designate yourself as a Traveler by creating a Travel Profile in addition to your standard profile. Some members may also create a Travel Plan so they can invite others to travel with them!

Our commitment is strong. We will contiune to develop this site and make sure what we have is running great as well as make improvements and add new features! Thanks for joining HelloPinay.com!