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Here are some of our members

Ivy Mae, 19, F gilugo, 40, M Dennis4, 40, M ruruth25, 30, F Bumpy, 40, M Tadano87, 32, M Cristly, 29, F Mark8, 38, M Maristela, 24, F Aurorabman, 53, M kang mah roo, 30, F DinoM, 40, M Jen13, 27, F Mia18, 34, F hailyn33, 33, F DaddyN1000, 24, M Mayrra, 20, F Mhegan143, 29, F Patyy, 27, M Ashaces001, 30, F jking1469, 53, M Navarium, 41, M JanetMea, 28, F Lyn06, 33, F Asweettech, 33, M dreamguy9696, 23, M Angie08, 21, F Akaocean90, 29, M Oliver86, 35, M Shawn24, 47, M Chaser, 33, M altheafayemateo, 24, F Rejen, 24, F sweetmeh002, 27, F Vanessa Gaile, 18, F Pinaychic, 25, F Ilovefilipinas, 65, M MorenaGirl143, 31, F lakebound780, 39, M Jensen, 20, F Chantaljane, 25, F JayDaddy, 30, M Amolatina, 47, M kris6, 29, M YourBaby, 18, F itsmereeyaamee, 28, F yeahgome123, 23, M Cubbybear, 60, M Riza143, 26, F James1988, 32, M Navarium, 41, M Brehya231, 26, F shane100, 19, F aussieboy40, 40, M nadredrum, 38, M wanggo, 32, M Miss_Anne, 23, F Anglna1122, 18, F Yabaali70, 45, M Lee2020, 20, F norelyn, 19, F Samo77, 40, M tucsonmale, 54, M

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Site features

  • A super simple registration process where we just need the minimum amount of information to create your profile.
    (Our goal is to get you using the site as quickly as possible!)
  • Create a profile and say what you want to. We're not here to babysit or impose our moral judgement. We're all adults here... right?
  • Upload as many pictures as you want.
  • Search for other users by selecting from several criteria to find your perfect match.
  • Message any user, any time. No restrictions on the number of messages or interval of sending them.
  • Add users to your lists of Favorites and Show Interest in other members.
  • See all of the Visitors to your profile as well as all the profiles you have Visited.
  • Block any user that you don't want to contact you without creating a lot of drama.
    (Blocking doesn't cause anyones account to be disabled or removed and we don't go and investigate or have a robot make a decision about you or the member. It just simply prevents them from contacting you further.)
  • Disable your profile anytime you want to take a break. You can come back and enable your account anytime if you want to try again.
  • Delete your account anytime you want, and that's it. You are done. We won't contact you ever again with "We want you back" emails. It will be like you were never here.

Boring technical stuff

  • Custom developed. We didn't start out by buying some dating software product and then modify it, is custom developed software, designed specifically for dating in the Philippines.
  • Emoji / Emoticon support is something we wanted to get right so you can use all your favorite emoticons from your Apple IOS or Android or whatever device you are using.
  • Fewer page post backs mean that things are running faster because you aren't waiting for the entire screen to draw just for a small change. Bandwidth comes at a premium for many users in developing countries and we built our site with that in mind.
  • Hosted in the cloud. As we grow we can easily scale our servers to keep things running fast and responsive! It also means everything is safe and secure and we don't loose any data.
  • Security. Everything is sent over HTTPS so you rest assured that "snoopers" aren't looking at what you are doing.
  • Separate worlds. Why didn't we incorporate things like a "Log In With Facebook" or other social media? Well, it may be just our thinking but we like our privacy and the notion of keeping different aspects of our lives separate from one another. What you do here doesn't need to be tied to some other social media outlet used for other purposes. Besides, this is your love life we are talking about. "Don't kiss and tell".
  • mobile friendly. In fact we designed our site with Mobile First technology. Meaning that our #1 priority is to make sure it works awesome on any phone or tablet. Of course it also looks great on a laptop or desktop as well!

  Go Mobile! - 3 ways

  1. When prompted by Google Chrome, Click on Add HelloPinay to Home screen
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  2. From the Google Chrome menu, select the Add to Home screen option
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    Run as a mobile application, Google Chrome.

Our commitment is strong. We will contiune to develop this site and make sure what we have is running great as well as make improvements and add new features! Thanks for joining!