Philippines Dating Sites

Generally speaking, dating sites in the Philippines are extremely popular! Possibly the most popular in all of Asia, if not the world. There are a lot of reasons for this but look no further than the astounding popularity of Facebook in the country to explain the natural transition to online dating. It just works here for so many reasons. In any case, both foreigner and Filipino singles will have no trouble meeting lots of potential matches!

Our dating site is specifically designed for the Philippines; meaning we are connecting Filipino singles with one another as well as with people living in other countries. A majority of our users are foreigner men living in another country or in the Philippines (Expats) who want to meet Filipino women. Going forward from here, this short article, and our advice articles, are designed for the Filipino woman wanting to meet foreginers and foreign men wanting to meet single Filipinas.

You may be asking: Why not date on Facebook since there are so many Filipino people on there already? Well, there are several, unmonitored FB dating groups that you can join and try. They are filled with fake profiles where everything is driven by comments on posts with pictures. It usually goes like this: Girl or Guy in the group makes a post with a picture saying saying something about themselves and they would like to meet someone. The comments and likes come in below the post and the person who made the post then goes thru the comments and looks at the profiles and maybe contacts them or is contacted thru Messenger by someone in the group. You can inspect each other's profile, but it is one of their many profiles that they do not maintain and has little or no information on it. Sometimes people will use their main FB profile in the dating group, but do you really want a world of strangers seeing all your family members and friends? Neither situation is good. I think most people would agree that you keep your personal life distant from you dating life, at least until you are comfortable with the person. Facebook is just not a good platform for dating.

A dating site is better because it is designed for one purpose only. We think that there is something to be said about being focused on one thing rather than trying to do everything. Dating sites are typically monitored more closely when compared to FB groups. Certainly more than just the average person who decided to create a FB group. Dating sites have a human being, rather than a computer, actually investigate reported members as well as try to keep out the fake profiles. FB lets anyone join, create multiple accounts, use fake pictures of celebrities as their own etc.. all of which is allowed behavior. On our site, all of these things are against our policy and will get your account removed. That is a good thing!

Perhaps the most important difference when joining a dating site is that it shows that you are more serious about looking for someone because you took the time and effort to join in the first place!