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 Wondering if I can find what Im looking for

I would like to meet men ages 35 to 55.

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23 year old Psychology major with a knack for many hobbies. Analyst. Developer. Researcher. I usually don't make the first approach unless I read something in your profile that sparks my curiosity. I am a values-driven person. My principles and convictions are what fuels me and it does show on how I live my life. Commitment, integrity and loyalty are probably what I believe in the strongest. I have a lot of career goals but willing to settle down but move forward from there. Looking for someone similar minded and don't want a family yet in the immediate future. I am a marrying type. I believe in respect, harmony, loyalty and commitment. I am interested in just about anything. You name it, I probably know something about it. I love discussions and talking about everything, that's why I prefer the company of those who are older than me. For specific stuff, I am a Linux enthusiast. I listen to a variety of music. I can limit my tastes to three decades: 70s, 80s and 90s. I love psychological thrillers, shoot 'em up movies and horror films. I am also a massive fan of Berserk and Watchmen. I am an introvert. I don't go out without a reason. My social skills aren't terrible, though. I just am not an outdoor-type. I expect loyalty, commitment, harmony, intimacy, trust and respect in a relationship. I am strictly monogamous and a non-player type. You can expect me to take care of you, support you, be devoted to you; basically just love you - warts and all. I would just like to say that I may be into older men but that doesn't mean I'm looking for a sugar daddy or someone to support me financially.  Well I'm sorry this has been long but I want you to know who I am before talking to me or even wanting to meet up. Anyway, if you wanna talk, hit me up. I won't bite!

About You

I would like to meet men ages 35 to 55.

Ideally a man who knows what he wants and makes things happen. Sound of mind, pure of heart. Gentle yet firm, affectionate yet disciplined. A traditionalist and a man of principle and values. Preferably someone who has a career or working towards one. This tells me about his level of commitment and perseverance.

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169 cm (5-6)
71 kg (157 lbs)
Bachelors Degree