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I would like to meet women ages 20 to 36.

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About Me

I don't think I am a good match with many people. I am a very unique person. I live by one rule of ethics. I leave no victims in my path. As I have matured I have realized that I am not interested in myself as much as I am interested in making someone else happy. I really want someone to do nice things for. I am often told I am very interesting and I am considered very intelligent. I chose "other" in the occupation section because I do own a company. It is called Body Graphics and I make temporary tattoos that last 1 week. I am selling it soon and I am going to work on some of my inventions. I am a very prolific inventor and I think this is what I was born to do because it comes very naturally for me. I am very young at heart and I relate far better with people younger than me. My friends are much younger and children seem to naturally love me. I think young! The reason I am here is that I want to find someone that wants to have some love and some adventure in their life. I want to fall in love and together with you we can decide the best place in the world to live. I like warm tropical places myself. Let's start our own paradise! I need someone in my life to love deeply. Someone who I can take care of and someone to do nice things for. I like surprising my baby with amazing things and ideas. I really miss this. Trust is the most important thing with me in a relationship. I don't mean the kind of trust that comes with jealousy. This is not real trust, it is insecurity. I mean REAL trust that runs so deeply that it is based on respect and a kind of love that very few people will ever feel. I know I am capable of this kind of love. I will never lie to you and never play games with your heart...ever! I like someone that is open and honest. I like someone who is kind, friendly and sweet.

About You

I would like to meet women ages 20 to 36.

I like someone that is open and honest. I like curious people who don't get set in their ways. I like someone who is healthy and respects their body. I like someone who is kind, friendly and sweet. I like unique and even weird people. I like someone with many interests. A few physical qualities I like are nice skin and a soft or sexy voice and a petite build. A great love for soft kisses, long massages. I hate liars...especially someone that hurts other people with lies and people that lie about stupid little things.

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183 cm (6-0)
81 kg (179 lbs)
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