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 Looking for my Filipina love!

I would like to meet women ages 18 to 40.

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About Me

Hello 👋 I am an American man living in the northeast United States who loves the Philippines. I traveled there once already in 2018 and stayed for one month. Now on November 5, 2019, I have returned to visit again and continue exploring and learning your culture and country. I hope to meet a Filipina who is interested in me and who is a compatible match together. Hopefully use of this site will help make a connection! We'll see :) I am healthy, strong, intelligent, and energetic. I also like to be romantic 💐💕💌 I do not take any medications, and I have no health problems. I live a proper, ethical life, so I do not lie, cheat, steal, or use drugs, and I am not looking for hookups. There is a serious side to me and also a fun and adventurous side too. It's a great balance!! My sense of humor and goofiness will make you laugh 🤣 Also like to maintain my health and fitness by being active and eating and drinking well -- most of the time, lol ;o) My philosophy about a person's appearance or age is that we should not use it to impulsively judge each other. Instead, age is a state of mind. That means someone who is a young age may feel, live, and look older. Also, someone can be an older age but feels, lives, and looks younger. My mission to be on this site is to find a true love partnership. And because few connections will be a love connection, I am excited to also make new friends on here and in the Philippines too. We all will have something cool to offer one another. Sooo either way, let's try to chat!!??

About You

I would like to meet women ages 18 to 40.

An appealing and desirable match for me will be someone who is simple, honest, healthy, mature, stable, motivated, sharp-minded, flexible, fun, loving, caring, devoted and dedicated through all good times and bad times in life together, and she will never even think about cheating. Also most desirable is someone who is not materialistic and who does take care of her health and fitness both mentally and physically. The more natural and toxin-free a woman wants to be is the best! The least desirable behavior is to be disrespectful, or to lie, hide something, or be fake by acting or misrepresenting one's self. I for sure will never do any of that. No person is perfect, and no relationship is perfect. We can accept some imperfections in ourselves and in each other, but people can always help each other be better. Great compatibility is necessary in order to have a successful relationship. I think it’s important for two people be open and honest with each other and to spend much time getting to know each other. So it will be a dream to meet a potential match, start a conversation, spend time, and explore our chemistry! 💕 My name is Chris. Please message me if you like what you read and learned on my profile and especially if you feel that we are a match and like what you are feeling right now :::))))

My Information

180 cm (5-10)
75 kg (165 lbs)
Bachelors Degree
spiritual, but not religious