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He is a 46 year old Single man who would like to meet women any age.


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 Just be happy, and it doesn’t matter what the psychiatrist will writes.


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About Me

I live in Siberia. If you guess that it is somewhere in Russia, and it is cold here, a lot of snow and bears, then this is not so. Siberia is warm as in the Philippines, but only a maximum of 2 months of the year. This is because the length of day in December is 7 hours, but in June the sun shines for 17 hours. There are no bears in winter, they sleep. And there is not much snow, only 30-50cm. Once upon a time, the famous writer Jules Verne was asked how he travels and what his favorite transport is. He showed his chair and library...Well, I travel a lot like Jules Verne, but I have GoogleEarth and the Internet. I read a lot about the Philippines. Good climate, friendly people, Filipino women respect family traditions that are the same in different cultures, and yes, some look are very beautiful. In Russia, after the betrayal and collapse of the Soviet Union, it is becoming increasingly difficult. I have a good education and work experience, but I have never had a business. Business and power make moral freaks from people in Russia. More and more thoughts appear to leave for another country, get married, start a family, build a dream house with my own hands (yes, I have a project and some engineering calculations). A dating site is not the best place for a serious relationship, because people often create an ideal image of their contact, and then are disappointed in real life. But as a place where you can meet interesting people and become friends, I would put dating sites in second place after interest clubs. I have my own oddities. I can stay at home, read a book, watch movies or play online games on a computer, and then suddenly take backpack, radio, flashlight and go to a neighboring city with Liza Alert squad (just like Amber Alert USA volunteers organization) to search of a absolutely unknown to me man/women/kid, who lost in city or forest. But don't ask me why i do it.

About You

I would like to meet women any age.

Many people believe that the ideal woman should be stupid in order to satisfy the man’s self-importance sense. But I always admired smart women.

My Information

Gender: Male
Age: 46
Marital Status: Single
Height: 172 cm (5-7)
Weight: 110 kg (243 lbs)
Has Children: No
Want Children: Maybe
Willing to Relocate: Maybe
Education: Masters Degree
Drink: Sometimes
Smoke: Yes
Religion: pantheistic solipsism on saturdays