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 I am putting on hold any further search.

I would like to meet anyone any age.

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About Me

I live in the saying, A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt over every truth expressed. Of the late, I’ve become a very complex individual, I’m trying to live a simple life and tried to avoid the quirks of an earthly existence. I’m happiest when; a. I’m home in Negros Oriental (Dumsville, the city of gentle people) b. I’m lying on my bed, excercising my thumb (read; remote control) c. I’m singing my lungs out in the bathroom (sorry neighbours) d. I’m on the road to some destination (I totally enjoy roadtrips!!!) or e. I’m hangging out with my friends discussing our favourite subjects; non-sense, stress avoidance is my lifelong challenge, I’m prone to bumming (I just can’t afford to be one). I love music, I love to sing, I can’t dance even if my life depended on it, I read once in awhile, I love movies, I love the outdoors (I just didn’t get a chance to get out of the city more often) I’m a junk food junkie (you can bribe me with Mr. Chips, only available in the Philippines) -Spend time talking to me -Meet me for real -From there we will see where it leads us.

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I would like to meet anyone any age.

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153 cm (5-0)
42 kg (93 lbs)
Bachelors Degree
No Religion