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 Is there anyone out there that is a match???

I would like to meet anyone any age.

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I was married to a filipina for 12 years and i was very happy with her until i found out she was cheating me and divorced me all for a guy who had more money. If you only looking for money please pass me by as i am not looking to support anyone again and have nothing to show for it but faded fake memories... this all said i was not selfish to her, i bought land and a house for her family and brought her parents here, ht dont get me wrong lessons learned and i dont need any repeats. Im looking for the one who wants to be a match, not someone who needs support but someone equal to help with it and if they want to still help their family im ok with it. Im easy to get along with and i love to laugh and joke and to be honest thought i had the best marriage until i found out she was not serious and here i am now 4 years later seeing if i can find that one who can intrigue my attention again the way she did for years before we married. Not everything or anyone is perfect and by far i did have mistakes but i was loyal and in time i learned and accepted all aspects of the culture and fell in love with it and the family i thought i had struggled to understand for so many years. You dont need to be rich, dont need to have a phd but you should have good values and able to show me that you are willing to keep my interest with conversation and see where it goes to. Im not looking for a cheap hookup or one night stand, i can get that if i really want it and i have outgrown that. Right now lets start with a hello and friends and take it from there at worst you gain a new friend who will always be a friend.

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I would like to meet anyone any age.

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176 cm (5-9)
99 kg (218 lbs)
Bachelors Degree
Cathoholic in recovery lol