She is a 26 year old single woman
from Lala, Philippines
who would like to meet men ages 25 to 80.


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 I believe that everything in this world is not permanent and thats why the only thing that is constant in this world is change. But would you believe that love last a lifetime? For me its a YES.

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I came from a normal family who always cherish things even in the simplest ways. We were taught to be grateful and thankful, to appreciate everyone around us because according to my parents its what the world needs these days, to understand and to be sympathetic of someone or something. Im a very open minded person who loves to explore things and embark challenges which I imagine as just part of adventures. Right after graduating from High School I moved from my home and decided to venture on my own. I send myself to college, as a working student at school, worked in many part time jobs, and of course practiced my talents and skills in Make-Up Artistry and Beauty Pageants. Through these, i was able to earn and finish my studies, got my degree and passed the Licensure Examination for Social Work. But the adventure does not end there, here comes the real wrodl where hunting oppurtunities and risk takings comes more like a single match fight to a thousand solid warriors. I was able to work on a Non-Governmant Agency that helps children who are in conflict with the laws, I was absorb and reccomended to work in governemtn for a greater salary but turns out the work field does not suit me because of the bad competition happening around. I decided to resigned and took of the advantage when COVID came so I can suitable reason and of course I dont wanna risk my life since Im mostly on field. As of the moment Im happily enjoying myself as an online teacher while seeking another opportunity near me. Nevertheless, after all the fun, excitement, frustrations and disappointment I somehow feel incomplete though I know fro a fact that I have always been battling alone. it just feels like another piece of me is lost. The reaon why i decided to register here and now typing this ironic long story. :D

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I would like to meet men ages 25 to 80.

I am not certain with what he should look, or how he should be but what I'm certain of is how he treats other's regardless of someone's status in life, age, culture and beliefs, gender, race and etc. I truly admire a man who knows how to respect others because if he does I can assure he would surely respect me and our future children's, children. A man who knows how to value me as a woman, a man who knows how to value family and commitment. It may sound cliché but I believe and have high hopes for relationship like this despite the distance for as long as communication, trust and understanding is present love will always come along the way. If you're only here for fun and play time I am definitely not the one you're looking for.

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Female 26 Years Old Status : Single Height : 171 cm (5-7) Weight : 58 kg (128 lbs) Black Hair Brown Eyes No Children Does Not Want Whildren Willing To Relocate Education : Bachelors Degree Does Not Drink Alcohol Non-Smoker Religion : Roman Catholic