He is a 35 year old single man
from Blue Ridge, United States
who would like to meet anyone any age.


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 Marriage and kids 👰‍♀🤰No gold diggers.

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About Me

Date to marry only. Pinay are the best wives. Run away with me. Let's start a new life. We'll live between both countries. We'll start a family. I'm from Daytona Beach Florida. Home of the Daytona 500 and the Daytona International Speedway. I'm really into cars and motorcycles. I grew up on the ocean, slamming beer yellin' "WOOOOOOO!!!" at motorcycle rallies and house parties. I grew into an intrepid traveling type. I'm an over the road trucker by trade. I've been everywhere in the United States, more times than I can count. (I will get a local job once we're settled, and I'll be home every night) I've been to Canada and Mexico as well. I have done my fare share of traveling, but have never left the continent of North America. I intend to travel the Philippines, like I have traveled the US. I'll find a wife if I haven't already met someone here. I want to get to know the culture and eventually buy property there. I'd like to learn the languages too. I also want to live in the states, so we will be between both countries. I tend to call Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Minnesota home most often. I intend to buy land and build a homestead in one of them. I went to school for construction, and I'm a decent carpenter and handyman. I want to build my own homesteads. As a trucker that has over a million miles under his belt over the last ten years, I've become a decent mechanic as well. I've had to keep these truck running, after all. I can keep our vehicles running and maintain our property. I'll do all the traditional husband things. You do all of the traditional wife things. I want three children and I want our kids to know both countries and cultures.

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I would like to meet anyone any age.

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Male 35 Years Old Status : Single Height : 178 cm (5-10) Weight : 116 kg (256 lbs)