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I would like to meet women ages 20 to 50.

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About Me

HP says that I should write a description of myself to not waste my time and be successful in my quest to find a heavenly blessed beauty whose beauty is divine and everlasting so here goes nothing. Nutrition and staying in shape is a big part of my life. So if you are a land beast you'll save yourself some time if you just stop reading here and move on to your next prey. When I was a young boy in the 4th grade I remember going to the history museum and seeing this statue of Zeus. And as I was standing there mesmerized by the statue I could hear my teacher telling the class that we could be anything we wanted to be. That instant I decided I wanted to become a Greek god. From that moment on I was in the gym every day, taking my multivitamins and lifting heavy. By the time I was in high school I was already a straight up beast. I was making 8th grade girls panties wet when I would walk down the hall, and every beta in the school was admiring my jacked physique. My goal in life is to have the ability to make every fanny in the building flow like the Nile. When I walk into the club I want to see every chick ravage one another to get a glimpse of my aesthetics, and hope that by the end of the night they are the one I choose to make my bedroom acrobat. That's what keeps me going, that desire to be a gift from above to women and an example of what the human body can do.

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I would like to meet women ages 20 to 50.

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186 cm (6-1)
86 kg (190 lbs)
Bachelors Degree